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Lifestyle Wealth Management: creating a balance between life, money & society

Timeline of BpH Wealth

BpH Wealth Management LLP was established in Harpenden in 1984 by Partner, Michael Freedman. Michael was joined by Partner, Simon Brown in 1988. We are now a team of 23. We specialise in providing what we call Lifestyle Wealth Management – a way of helping clients create a balance between life, money and giving back to society.


We find that the limited number of clients we focus on don’t want to leave us, and we look after them and their investments through the generations. This has also resulted in a team that also don’t want to leave us; many have been with us for between 20 and 30 years. As a consequence, our team know our clients intimately, which gives those we serve a great deal of security and peace of mind.

We act as a fiduciary to individuals, couples, widows, divorcees, retirees, trusts, powers of attorney, business owners and professionals.


We believe that high-quality, professional financial advice can only be achieved by having a transparent, fee-paying relationship with our clients. This leaves no room for any potential bias associated with an investment product driven service.

Chartered Financial Planner status

We believe in not only achieving the highest professional qualifications but, perhaps more importantly, continued personal development and growth at all levels. We are proud to have been in the very first batch of firms in the country to gain Chartered Financial Planner status.

Global best practice

Throughout our history, we have deliberately tried to learn from best practice around the world. This involves meeting with eight of our peers in this country every quarter as we develop our businesses together.

This has now extended to the Global Association of Independent Advisors (GAIA) of which BpH Wealth is a founding member. We meet at least annually with financial advisors from Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Canada, the USA, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK to bring together the best ideas, speakers and resources with the aim of consistently improving the service to our clients.

In this video Simon Brown, Partner, talks about how we are constantly seeking to improve our services to our clients, including by learning from others in the industry. We also hear from members of the Global Association of Independent Advisors, which we helped to found as an organisation where industry knowledge and best practice can be shared across the globe.

Simon Brown, Partner:

Hello I’m Simon Brown, a partner here at BpH Wealth. In many way the evolution of BpH has been informed by global best practice. We are never complacent and are constantly looking to improve our services by sharing and collaborating with our peers. I have met quarterly with five other UK advice firms for the last ten years, and so when the opportunity came to help set up something similar on a global basis through the founding of the Global Association of Independent Advisors (GAIA) It was natural for us to to become involved at the start.

TITLE: What are the benefits of a GAIA membership?

Nigel Stewart, Stewart Partners, Australia:

We formed GAIA in Boston in 2014 and it was a spin off from a number of advisors all around the world who had been in contact with one another and we felt that we all had something in common. We were all evidence-based we all acted as the ever-vigilant custodians of our client’s best-interests. We felt that by getting together and sharing systems, processes, research, we could all assist each other around the world.

Jeff Buckner, Plancorp, USA:

Everybody is comfortable sharing their intellectual property and making an effort to learn from each other as a way to improve client services and develop our own view as to what is the best practice in the industry.

Simon Brown, BpH Wealth:

In an increasingly globalised world, we recognise that some of our clients and their families live and work in different parts of the world. The relationship that we develop with GAIA firms allows us to work together for the mutual benefit of these clients to ensure continuity of care regardless of where they or their families choose to live.

Rodrigo Álamos S., Capital Advisors, Chile:

We are the first Fee-Only financial adviser and evidence-based investor in Chile. We always needed somehow someone to benchmark against; what level of service we were providing to our clients. That’s why we found GAIA, they’re a benchmark to compare against.

Brenda Bartlett, PWL Capital, Canada:

I think GAIA brings a seal of approval, it’s a higher standard and that is very reassuring to investors. It’s not that non-GAIA firms are not good, but there is a higher standard when you’re with GAIA.

David Andrew, Capital Partners, Australia:

We share a common belief that the client and their interests and priorities should be at the centre of everything we do. So we come together to share best practice and ideas from all over the world about how we can serve our clients better.

Jacob Wolt, Cambridge Partners, New Zealand:

It’s a requisite that you achieve the CEFEX (Centre for Fiduciary Excellence) accreditation. So CEFEX need to come through and look at your business to see if you comply with those global best standards.

Peter Mancell, Mancell Financial Group, Australia:

The Simple difference between GAIA firms and most financial advisers is that a GAIA firm will work for you. The advisers that work for the institutions are working for their shareholders, that’s the fundamental difference.

David Andrew, Capital Partners, Australia:

When you choose a GAIA Firm as a financial adviser, you can guarantee that your interests will be front and centre of everything that happens.


All firms in GAIA are committed to being fiduciaries, this means we guarantee that client’s interests will always come before our own. When founding GAIA we decided to have an external body come in to audit and check each member’s processes to make sure they were up to global standards. As a result, BpH Wealth was the first firm in the UK to gain certification by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX). To maintain our accreditation, we undergo a thorough, independent audit each year; we continually strive to improve our high standards, of which we are very proud.

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