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Chartered Financial Planner

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I am a Chartered Financial Planner at BpH Wealth:

Having worked in Financial Planning since 2004, I have spent most of my career working in London for national financial planning, investment management and stock broking businesses.  I am qualified to the highest professional standard and am a Chartered and Certified Financial Planner and a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society.

I strongly believe in helping clients achieve clarity regarding their lifetime goals.  I provide clear, practical and highly personal financial planning and wealth management advice that can be trusted to meet my clients’ aspirations.  I believe in building ongoing relationships with my clients to help ensure that their plans remain suitable, adapting to changes in their circumstances and objectives and responding to changes in legislation and taxation.


I have extensive knowledge and experience regarding helping clients to:

  • Meet their goals and aspirations by constructing and providing advice around their lifetime financial plans;
  • Maximise the accumulation and preservation of their wealth using savings and investment strategies and solutions, including the use of tax allowances and both onshore and offshore tax-efficient investments;
  • Invest, where appropriate, in a systematic, disciplined and robust way.
  • Protect themselves and their families in the event of death or long-term illness or injury;
  • Achieve their ideal standard of living in retirement by providing advice on retirement planning including both pension and non-pension assets;
  • Ensure that their estate is passed in accordance with their wishes whilst possibly mitigating their potential inheritance tax liability using gifting strategies, trusts and insured solutions; and
  • Protect their businesses and ensure continuity during their lifetimes and in the event of death; as well as ensuring a fair outcome for their beneficiaries or estate including various business protection arrangements.

Time with us:

I joined BpH Wealth in September 2019 to work closely with founding Partner, Michael Freedman.  My decision to join BpH was heavily influenced by our closely aligned financial planning approach, investment philosophy and highly ethical stance.


Chartered Financial Planner

Certified Financial PlannerTM

Fellow of the Personal Finance Society

Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning

In my spare time:

Most of my spare time is spent with my family, raising our young son and daughter. Where possible, I also enjoy holidays, travel, scuba diving and the sea.

Q&A with Phillip

1. What did you study?

I read Mathematics at Southampton University. I was always attracted to ‘big’ ideas and understanding the world around us.  I was lucky to study some interesting areas like relativity and dynamical systems (‘chaos theory’). I still enjoy these sorts of ideas today, just in a much less technical way!

2. What attracted you to financial planning?

When I graduated, I spent some time looking at different career options and discovered Financial Planning, taking a temporary role near my family home.  For me, the attraction of the role was working with real people whilst putting the technical and analytical skills I acquired at University to good use.  This is still a core principle that drives me today that can be one of the most worthwhile aspects of my role; helping people understand and solve their (often complex) problems.

3. What moments have been particularly satisfying when helping clients?

The most rewarding aspect of what I do is helping clients put a plan in place to achieve their objectives and seeing these plans come to fruition.  There are many examples, but recently helping a client prepare for retirement and ultimately stop working was very fulfilling.  The situation was complicated but I was able to clarify the position and put a plan in place that gave the client the peace of mind that they could stop working without running out of money.

4. When did you discover BpH Wealth and why did you join?

I first became aware of BpH around two years ago when I first moved to Harpenden.  I had been working in London for many years and was interested in working more locally so that I could spend more time with my family.  I reviewed many local financial planning and investment management businesses and found that only BpH worked in a way that I believed in;  a robust and thorough financial planning approach, a systematic and proven investment philosophy and a highly ethical stance.

5. What do you particularly like about BpH Wealth?

The people, approach, philosophy and culture.  In particular, the team with which I work are fantastic; they are extremely friendly and helpful, talented and capable and highly experienced and qualified.  Most of all, however, they care.  They care about what we do, how we do it and how everything is for the benefit of our clients.  This can be seen in the close relationships that have been formed both as a team and with clients, in some cases over many years.  At the end of the day, it is the people that make a business.

6. What’s on your bucket list?

Top of my list are: (i) a spacewalk; and (ii) diving with a Blue Whale.  Since neither are at all likely, my option ‘B’s’ are: (i) an ‘edge of space flight’ and (ii) diving with a Whale Shark (much more likely!).  Most of all, though, I want to see my son, daughter and family enjoy a healthy and happy life.