The Large Conservative Majority


For some, waking up to the election result on Friday 13 December may have been a relief. For others, it may have been a disappointment that the seemingly, last chance to leave the European Union has gone. Whatever your policial hue, the vote is cast. The result is clear and the policial logjam unblocked.

The future is always uncertain. Many things are beyond our control. What we can control is how our client porfolios are structured. The core pillars of our investment approach are in place to deal with whatever happens in the markets.

Investing well is simple not easy. It requires a huge amount of patience, discipline and a long-term horizon.

The core pillars of our approach

  1. Markets work pretty well and are hard to beat. We aim to capture the available market return using lower-cost, well-structured products.
  2. Diversification sits at the heart of a successful long-term strategy. Spreading equity exposure broadly across geographies, markets, sectors and companies helps reduce the risks faced with any investment strategy.
  3. Owning high quality bonds provides a good insurance policy against tough times in the equity markets.
  4. Patience and discipline are fundamental to achieving the financial goals set. The patience to ride the short-term falls and the discipline to maintain a long-term strategy.

Whatever happens in 2020 and beyond, we urge you not to worry too much about markets and the uncertainty in the World. Try and focus on the things you can control. Not things you can’t.

Compared to many, we live in a relatively comfortable place.

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