BpH Wealth managed the pension scheme for Ron’s company. Ron asked us to help with his personal finances when he planned his retirement in 2001.

“BpH are almost like family, as we talk about every aspect of our lives, they know more about us than our family do. The cashflow projections looking out until we are 99 give us a wonderful reassurance and we always come away confident. With everything mapped out, it’s easy to make choices. You can see the consequences. If you want to extend your house, you can see where the money can come from without pain. The tax burden is taken down to a low level making maximum use of everything.

“BpH look after more than just your money. They get to know everything about you so that they can give sound advice and take the long term view. Everything is very calm and measured. Even 2008 was passed over in a steady way and soon forgotten.

“We always have a date a year ahead in the diary and we feel very comfortable that everything is sorted out.”

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