Jonathan & Jackie

Jonathan and Jackie became clients in 2001. Jonathan, a retired solicitor, had acted for BpH Wealth and many of its clients in a professional capacity and was now looking for some financial advice of his own.

“Simon was fantastic,” says Jonathan. “He made it incredibly clear what needed to happen as I prepared for retirement. We mapped out our aims in life, goals and objectives. We also prepared a mind map listing everything that needed to be considered from assets and liabilities to cars and long term healthcare. Also, how we wanted to spend our time. The question of affordability flowed from there. All income and expenditure was then projected forward to the age of 100 using a cashflow modelling tool. It’s very clever and very good to see the graph going in the right direction.”

“Now the hard work is done, we have some lighter homework to do each year gathering current and projected expenditure before we have our annual review. It’s a very good discipline. We look at everything, all the costs from subscriptions to chimney sweeps and any larger expenditure we may want to incur.”

Jackie says: “It’s wonderful. Every meeting we can say ‘Phew – we are ok’. We leave our annual review meeting with real peace of mind. We can see where it’s all going and how much there is left to fulfil some of our dreams.”

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