The Purpose of Money


In this video Rachel Jones, Chartered Financial Planner, explains BpH Wealth's beliefs about the purpose of money, and how this guides the advice processes we follow with our clients.

My name is Rachel Jones, I work for BpH Wealth, we provide a Lifestyle Wealth Management service. This is offered in three different parts. The first is life; which is financial planning. Secondly, money; money management. And finally we link to society; giving back. This creates a balance between life, money and society.

In our first meeting together, we will have a very long conversation. Lots of it will cover financial aspects; your income, your expenditure, those sort of things. But we’ll also look more deeply at what you’re trying to achieve; what are your dreams, what are your ambitions? We’ll help you try to achieve those.

After our initial meeting we’ll be doing an awful lot of work in the background making sure we find the best path for you to succeed. You may find we’ll be sending you bits and pieces of information; we may send you a report or it could involve a follow up meeting. When we have all this information, we’ll use it to build a lifetime cashflow model. This is your plan; this is how you will get to achieve the objectives that you have laid out for us.

But obviously life happens, you may get a new job, your daughter may get married. Those are things we can plan from the beginning, or we can add them as we go. Every year your plan becomes more meaningful because you have added to it and we have added to it, it becomes something that is truly personal to you.

When you become a BpH Wealth client, our annual service to you is to make sure that your plan is still working. This will involve a bit of updating of the cashflow, so you might get a little bit of homework but we try to make this as easy as possible. Each annual review meeting we will check your cash flow model; to see how it is looking, to see how comfortable it is and whether you can achieve all the objectives you have set out. It is really quite remarkable how this works. Clients every year become more and more confident that they can achieve what they want to do, and this gives them the comfort to do the things they want to do.

For example, we had one client who really wanted to travel. We gave her a very healthy travel budget but she was still concerned whether she would be able to do all the travelling she wanted and still have enough money to live off. Each year we were able to show her how this was possible and it gave her the comfort to go out and do exactly what she wanted to do. It also meant that every year we got to hear all the wonderful stories of all the travel she had. That’s the best part of my job.

At BpH Wealth we firmly believe that money is for living, it is there to make sure you can do what you want, when you want. It’s there to make sure you can have the best life, you can travel, you can buy the things you need to buy and you can feel comfortable you have enough to live the rest of your days on.

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